10 Mythen über Mitarbeiterfotos in Unternehmen

10 Myths About Business Headshots: Unlocking the Truth

Do you find yourself unsure about the importance of employee photos in companies? Let’s debunk some common myths and help you form a clearer opinion!

Myth #1: We don’t need standardized portraits of employees

Contrary to this myth, uniform portraits convey professionalism and reinforce brand strength. They foster a personal connection between customers and employees, building trust.

Myth #2: We take our portraits ourselves

While many aspire to manage employee portraits internally, the reality is often different. Busy HR and marketing teams find themselves stretched thin, making updating employee photos a daunting and neglected task. Yet, high-quality portraits are crucial for branding and communication. Specialized services like smartportrait offer a cost-efficient and time-saving solution, ensuring your employee library stays updated hassle-free.

Myth #3: Portrait photography is too expensive

In the past, this may have held true, but innovative services now offer affordable, high-quality portraits. With on-site shoots no longer necessary, and employees able to take their photos anytime, anywhere, the value these portraits add to the company far outweighs the costs.

Myth #4: We can’t reach our sales representatives for a shoot

Maybe some of your employees travel a lot, work in a different office or are based in a different country. With a service like smartportrait, anyone can have a portrait taken with their smartphone from anywhere. When ordering, the background can be chosen to align with company guidelines, ensuring consistency across the entire team.

Myth #5: Only C-level executives need portrait shots

Employee portraits are essential for the entire company, not just the management level.
They serve as a valuable tool to convey openness and transparency, which strengthens trust and reinforces the perception of the brand. Employee portraits also allow the company to showcase its own expertise, which helps to attract and retain customers, as they often interact directly with employees.

Myth #6: Not all employees require a headshot

While every company decides how to present itself, both internal and external employees benefit from portrait shots.
External employees represent the face of the company to the outside world. The portraits give potential customers or stakeholders a first impression of the company’s professionalism and expertise.

Myth #7: We’re up to date after a recent shoot

Companies are continuously changing. Employees come and go, and photos become outdated over time. It is an ongoing process to maintain a complete employee photo library to cover the constant needs for marketing, HR, branding and more.

Myth #8: Individual employees don’t want to be photographed

It sometimes happens that employees do not want to be photographed. It may be worth finding out the reasons for this. Does the person not feel comfortable being photographed? Friendly encouragement and an explanation of why the photo is important can help. Flexible solutions such as smartportrait can ease anxiety and ensure a positive experience for all. With instructions developed by a professional, everyone can take a great portrait with their smartphone. Of course, no one should be forced to take a photo.

Myth #9: Portrait photography is not worthwhile for a small company

Quite the opposite! Employee portraits help to attract and retain customers and strengthen the company’s image. In addition, employee photos are an important part of employer branding – a clear competitive advantage in today’s job market. They are invaluable for any company, regardless of size.

Myth #10: Application photos suffice for employee portraits

When starting a new job, headshots often have to be sent to the HR department. But applicants submit photos in different formats and styles. Achieving consistency and quality across the team requires professional portraits that present your team in the best light.


We hope to have dispelled the most common myths surrounding employee photos. Regardless of company size, the importance of headshots should not be underestimated. They allow you to present a professional image and the expertise of your company, while also boosting customer confidence.
It is therefore worth ensuring that your images are always up-to-date and consistent. Thanks to modern solutions like smartportrait, upgrading your employee portraits is easier and more cost-effective than ever. Unleash the true potential of your employee photos today and try smartportrait.