Smartportrait Examples – How the Choice of Background Influences the Effect of Your Employee Photos

For all employee photos created with smartportrait, the background can be customized. As inspiration, we’ve created various options for you to see how the effect of your employee photos changes with a different background.

For those who are not yet familiar with what smartportrait is and how it works: Thanks to smartportrait, companies can create perfect employee portraits in just a few steps without a photographer or professional camera. You can find more information in this blog post.

What effect does the choice of background have on the employee photo?

Your employee photos not only represent you, but also reflect your company’s values. Let yourself be inspired by our background ideas and discover the creative possibilities available to you at smartportrait.

Option 1 – Use your colors according to your corporate design
Your individual style reflects you, just like your corporate colors. Why not combine the two? By incorporating your brand colors into your employee photos, you create uniformity and a strong sense of community. Whether warm tones for a welcoming atmosphere or cool colors for professionalism – you can set the mood.

Examples – Employee photos with different background colors

Option 2 – Uses color gradients as a background
Details make all the difference. Perhaps you prefer to use gradients to give your employee photos a modern touch.

Examples – Employee photos with color gradients

Variant 3 – Use shapes as background elements
Get creative! Combine colors with abstract shapes to give your employee photos a dynamic touch. Clear lines and gentle curves can turn simple photos into small works of art. Your story is not only told, but also impressively portrayed. Let your employee photos speak for you!

Examples – Employee photos with shapes

Variant 4 – Use effective background images – classic, modern, abstract
Your background is like the canvas on which you present yourself. Choose between classic, modern and abstract backgrounds to emphasize different facets of your corporate culture. Classic backgrounds radiate consistency, modern ones emphasize innovation. Abstract backgrounds leave room for interpretation and show your openness to diversity.

Examples – Employee photos with different background images

Examples of employee photos from various industries

To help you get started, we have put together some industry-specific examples. As mentioned above, these are just sample images that can be completely customized to your brand.


Clear lines and spaces reflect the aesthetics of the architecture. Combined with neutral facade elements such as concrete or wood, your employee photos convey an aura of precision and elegance.

Examples – Employee photos for architectural firms


Soft colors and calming shapes emphasize the humanity and care that are at the heart of healthcare.

Examples – Employee photos in the healthcare sector


Bright colors and open shapes symbolize the positive energy and growth in educational institutions.

Examples – Employee photos in the education sector


Vibrant colors reflect the innovative power and collaboration of agencies.

Examples – employee photos in the agency world

Management Consulting

Subtle backgrounds in professional colors convey expertise and leadership quality in the consulting industry.

Examples – Employee photos in Management Consulting

Conclusion – The background is an important element of every employee photo

Your staff photos can be much more than just pictures. They are an expression of your identity and values. By choosing the appropriate background, you can amplify your message and make your brand visible. Let our ideas inspire you and unleash your creativity with smartportraits!