Employee Photos in Presentations: Tips and Tricks for Your Company

With employee photos in your presentations, you not only add a personal touch, but also showcase the human side of your company. It’s like a VIP pass that gives your audience a glimpse behind the scenes!

Whether at company presentations, training courses or internal meetings – authentic portraits create a personal connection and increase audience engagement. They emphasize the message and strengthen the brand identity, making it easier for your audience to engage with and understand the topic being presented.

Example presentation – created with Pitch

Example presentation – created with Google Slides

Whether pitch, Google Slides or PowerPoint

Use of smartportraits in PowerPoint

Requirements for the use of employee photos in presentations

1 – Ensure central access to all employee photos

You probably know this: presentations are often created under time pressure. It is therefore absolutely crucial that your teams know where to find all employee photos. Integrating all employee photos into your central digital asset management system is therefore highly recommended.

Central online dashboard with all portraits

2 – Use professional and up-to-date photos

Only use high-quality and appealing employee photos in your presentations because, after all, it’s about representing your company. It is also important to keep the portraits up to date on a regular basis in order to present the current team members authentically.

3 – Ensure diversity and inclusion

The image selection should reflect the diversity and inclusivity of the team. Inform your employees about the selection and use of the photos; this not only promotes their involvement, but also ensures transparency and trust.

Use employee photos to introduce new employees
Employee photos to introduce entire teams

4 – Store the pictures in a safe place

A robust storage and access strategy is essential for the secure handling of this sensitive data. This includes clear guidelines for the use of photos, which should be communicated both to employees and, if necessary, to the public. This ensures a high level of data protection and security.

5 – Train your employees

Show your employees the benefits of using their portraits in presentations. Beyond the purely visual representation, portraits offer an excellent opportunity to make your brand appear lively and authentic.

Bonus – Use released employee photos

Cropped employee photos – i.e. portraits without a background – help to make your presentation more professional and appealing. By removing distracting elements, the focus is drawn to the employees pictured. This can significantly improve the impact of your presentation.

Cropped employee photo (in good quality) – i.e. a portrait without background

Why use cropped employee photos?

Easier (visual) integration into existing presentations

Cropped employee photos can be seamlessly integrated into various presentation themes and layouts without a defined background getting in the way. You also have the option of adapting the background of the cropped photos to your corporate design, which supports your brand identity.

More flexibility

The cropped photos give you the flexibility to highlight specific points or people on your slides by easily positioning them in different areas.

Better integration of text (without designer)

As the background is not distracting, you can better place text and graphics around the cropped images to add important information.

Authentic branding

The consistent use of cropped employee photos is a powerful tool for enhancing brand identity. They give your company an unmistakable face and at the same time deepen the identification of your team members and customers with the company.

Visual hierarchy

Use the size and arrangement of the cropped portraits to create a visual hierarchy in your slides and highlight important people or information.

How do you handle employee photos in presentations?

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