Hello smartportrait – We are Currently Rethinking Employee Photos

The time has finally come and we are overjoyed to announce our new startup! We, that’s Boris & Joe.

With smartportrait, we want to change the way companies create employee portraits forever – without any photographers on site! Our mission is to make high-quality and professional headshots as easy, convenient and scalable as possible.

We complement each other

The idea for smartportrait was born during a lunch together at the lake. Somehow a lot of things just fitted together. Not only the skills where we complement each other very well. Boris as a photographer with 25+ years of experience, Joe with many years of SaaS experience in marketing, brand and sales.

Together, we bring passion for innovation and creativity to make the best of smartportrait. With combined strength and a clear goal in mind, we have created the first version of the smartportrait solution.

Come on, let’s try it out

Together, we aim to create value and have transformed our passion into an innovative business idea. Our shared values form the foundation of our company: transparency, honesty, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Not just a business

We firmly believe that a successful company should not only be profitable, but can also make a positive contribution to society. For us, freedom means doing what we want to do. At smartportrait, it’s about combining our interests with business: we believe in the joy and fun of work! Likewise, creating a portrait photo should be a positive and fun experience, and that’s what we want to offer you!

Wondering how it works? It’s very simple! With smartportrait, every employee can create a perfect (raw) picture with their own smartphone in just a few steps (with instructions). This photo is retouched on the smartportrait.io platform according to your wishes and delivered ready to use. No more coordination of tedious photo appointments, no more unnecessary delays – simple, efficient and impressive results! Focus more on visual communication and put your own employees on stage.

Join us on our journey

We are still at the very beginning. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for our official launch. Our other channels will soon be brought to life: a look behind the scenes, inspiring tips and more. Become part of the smartportrait family.

With this in mind – let’s take the path to simpler and more impressive business portraits together!

Our thanks…

…goes to all those who have selflessly accompanied and supported us on our journey so far. Without this generosity of time and knowledge, we would not be ready to introduce smartportrait to the world today. Thank you very much!