Business *portraits for your company

Created Once,
Use Them* Anywhere

Real-life Examples of smartportrait

Define your very own photo style. 100% in line with your brand





Before and After comparison

All photos were taken with a smartphone. Retouched by us

Use your Employee Photos Anywhere

Whether employee directory, company presentations, website, events or internal communication – we ensure consistency across all your channels

Documents and Presentations

Use real employee pictures in presentations, offers, and all other documents.

Business Cards

Nothing is more personal than your business card – create more emotional contacts.

For all those who are still writing emails in 2023 – thanks to real employee photos, you can create a personal touch.


Is your team on the website? You’ll recognize the inconsistencies in your team photos here at the latest. It’s high time for better portraits.

Badges for Employees

Details make the difference. This also applies to your next event or trade fair.

Profile Pictures

So you know who you are interacting with: Your profile pictures for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and any other software.

The Details Make the Quality

Thanks to our service, you will receive all studio-quality portrait shots.

Professional results thanks to several parameters that we work on carefully:

  1. Skin color and tone
  2. Eye retouching
  3. Natural Hair
  4. Expression and personality
    (we avoid excessive retouching)
  5. Background: Color or image
  6. Image proportions and cropping

Consistent Images Over Time

Are new employees joining the company? Do existing employees want a current photo? No problem. We guarantee 100% consistency for all images over the years.

100% Made for You

Thanks to smartportrait, you’ll never have to chase after up-to-date and complete employee photos again.

For Communications and PR

Outdated or missing photos? Last-minute shoots for the latest PR article?

Thanks to your smartportraits, you are always ready, even when things have to be done quickly.

For Marketing

Do you like to communicate transparently on all channels? And do you attach great importance to emotional communication?

With smartportraits, your designers have the best portrait library with real employees for your next campaign.

For Human Resources

Would you like to establish a personal connection with the company? Promote culture?

Use smartportrait to access current photos of all employees at any time.