Professional Employee Photos
5.67 Times Cheaper*

*in comparison to on-site portraits with a photographer

Why smartportrait

Put your employees at the center of your communication – online, offline, and everywhere else.

We handle the coordination.

Relax and lean back. We are in touch with your team(s)

No on-site photographer

It makes your life easier by 149%

Super flexible: Take photos anytime, anywhere

Perfect for distributed teams

Transparent Prices

We take over the complete coordination, and the professional editing (by hand) and deliver your finished pictures within three working days at no additional cost.

20 Portraits

For remote teams, events, and smaller companies

CHF 79.- per employee

CHF 1580.- for 20 pictures

Secure payment by credit card (Stripe)

1 style, 1 background color

Distribution via e-mail

E-mail support

50 Portraits

For companies that rely on a professional external corporate image

CHF 69.- per employee

CHF 3450.- for 50 pictures

Secure payment by credit card (Stripe)

3 styles, own background image or color

Distribution via online dashboard

E-mail support

100+ Portraits

For larger companies with
a strong brand awareness

On request


Payment via invoice

Personal styles according to your corporate design

Distribution via online dashboard

Personal support

Payment via Invoice

Style Guide for portraits

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Customers who use smartportrait

Questions and Answers

What our users typically ask

Why using smartportrait and not rely on ‘traditional’ employee portraits made by a professional photographer?

We are fans of employee portraits that take place as part of perfectly planned photo shoots on location. The ‘traditional’ way is usually (depending on the situation and size of the company) associated with significantly higher costs and extensive coordination.

The three central advantages of smartportrait:

1. competitive pricing – create employee portraits at a fair price

2. Take photos anytime – we leave it up to you when the photos are taken

3. Take photos from anywhere – whether in the office, on a business trip, at home or in another branch office

How long does it take to create my smartportraits?

The creation of your smartportraits takes three working days. To ensure that we meet our high quality standards, we edit your photos (by hand) to provide you with perfect smartportraits.

How long is the lead time for using smartportrait?

Good news. You can get started right away. We recommend informing your employees internally about the use of smartportrait. There are various ways to do this, which we will be happy to share with you on request. Just send us a short message.

Does smartportrait use artificial intelligence (AI) for portrait creation?

We love new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), but are convinced that they do not yet provide the necessary quality for perfect portraits. We, therefore, refer to smartportrait as ‘human retouch’; this guarantees the quality of our portraits. We stay up to date with AI and incorporate this into our service as soon as it makes sense.

Can I pay on account?

Yes, payment by invoice is possible, provided we prepare an individual offer for you. The smaller packages for 20 or 50 portraits can be paid directly by credit card.

How can I contact smartportrait?

The best way to reach us is via e-mail or our contact form. For existing customers, we offer personal support with a direct number.

Does smartportrait save my pictures?

Yes, because we want to ensure the consistency of your employee pictures over time. At your explicit request, we will irrevocably delete all images after delivery.

We are not satisfied with the result. What can we do?

We strive to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your smartportraits. We are happy to offer a revision by arrangement.

Is my credit card payment secure?

Yes, we use Stripe as a payment service provider. We do not store any credit card information.

Will I receive a receipt if I pay by credit card?

Yes, contact us via the contact form. We will be happy to issue an invoice for each payment.

Is my data safe with smartportrait?

Yes, we handle your data with care. If you want to know more, we recommend to read our privacy policy.

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