How to take the perfect smartportrait (without any partner)

Don’t take a phot a typical selfie. If you hold the smartphone, your arm may be visible and the posing is also rather unflattering.

For a smartportrait, however, the camera needs to be a little further away from you.

Use the main camera

Every smartphone delivers better photos with the cameras on the back of your device. So use these for your smart portrait.

So position your smartphone directly in front of the window and set a 10-second timer. This will give you enough time to stand in the right position.

This may take a few attempts. Take your time. For the best and most regular results, mark the spot where you need to stand.

No tripod? Be creative!

As you’re not holding your smartphone in your hand, you need to fix it to the window somehow. Ideally, you should have a small tripod on which you can place your smartphone.

If you don’t have a tripod to hand, be creative. Build your own camera mount. You can use the window itself, racks, books and many other things.

However, always make sure that the camera is positioned at eye level.